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Onsite X-ray, Ultrasound scans, CT scans & MRI services mean that our expert Emergency Physicians can deliver the best medical care in the country with the right tools for every case. Our Radiology team also supports with outpatient referrals and procedures.


What we do

We reduce wait times for patients that arrive with non-life-threatening injuries and further prevent these from escalating into more serious conditions. Patients that may be deemed and triaged as low priority in the Hospital Emergency Departments are often subject to extended wait times, wasting valuable time in a busy status quo. We understand this and collaborate with nearby Emergency Departments to divert and recommend patients to SWIFT where prompt and apt care is provided.


Emergency services

Specialist doctors

No appointments necessary

SWIFT Assessment and Treatment

As soon as the patient walks in and registers in the clinic, they will be assessed by a triage nurse and given the appropriate triage category based on the Australian Triage Scale (ATS). From here, they will be assessed by a doctor trained in Emergency Medicine and treated promptly and appropriately.


Frequently asked questions


We provide comprehensive care of patients in Urgent Care Service. We have Orthopaedic services, Paediatric team to care for the little champions of the society, Physiotherapy team, as well as Dental and state of the art Radiology that have to ability to take patients on for management if the need arises.

What services does Swift Emergency & Urgent Care provide?

SWIFT is a walk in UCC and is intended for patients to walk in and avoid a long wait. As such, we encourage patients not to hesitate, as appointments are not required.

Do I need an appointment or referral?

We are open for a 12-hour period from 10:00AM to 10:00PM, every day of the year.

What are your operating hours?

Access to our specialist emergency clinic will require a $269 facility fee along with Medicare charges for all our patients*. Consumables, however, such as splints, crutches, burn dressings or otherwise, will have an extra cost depending on what aids are required. Onsite pathology and imaging are bulk billed or cost absorbed by SWIFT and thus are provided at no extra cost to the patient except out of business hours.

How much will it cost?

We are located at G38, 32, Civic Way, Rouse Hill. For more information, email us at

Where do I find you?

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