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A Simple Fee Structure for Your Ease

SWIFT Emergency and Urgent Care charges a facility fee of $269 plus Medicare charges that are charged to all patients upon presentation. Please note that only the Medicare component of the fee will be reimbursed to patients with Medicare under the Medicare rebate scheme.


Consumable items

Depending on your individual medical needs, some patients may require consumable items which will incur additional costs including but not limited to crutches, specialised boots or splints.


These expenses are charged to the patient out of pocket. Please note that SWIFT Emergency and Urgent Care operates as a cashless facility.


Emergency services

Specialist doctors

No appointments necessary

Radiology services (CT scan and X-Ray)

Monday to Sunday

9:00AM - 10:00PM

Please note that out of hours ultrasound scans will incur an additional fee at the patient's expense. For clients without Medicare, the facility fee and any additional Medicare charges will be payable on the day of the visit.

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