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Welcome To SWIFT Emergency & Urgent Care

We are pioneering in a concept where the Urgent Care Clinic is run by Emergency Physicians trained in acute care, and highly proficient in the treatment of a variety of cases ranging from minor injuries like sprains to more severe non-life-threatening medical illnesses.


Purpose-built Emergency Care For You

Swift Emergency & Urgent Care bridges emergency departments and GPs where no appointments are necessary, and patients can walk in any time during operating hours. We aim to reduce emergency department waiting times and ambulance ramping, a major nationwide concern.


Emergency services

Specialist doctors

No appointments necessary

Our Promise

Swift Emergency Care guarantees rapid, skilled, and compassionate responses in every emergency, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.


Provide swift and efficient care of patients with specialty teams conducting follow-ups to ensure recovery is completed to the highest standard


Create a calming and soothing environment to ease the stress and anxiety of patients and their families in urgent care situations


Ensure patient comfort and safety throughout, including focused care in cases that may escalate into life-threatening situations if left untreated


Provide a family-oriented facility with opportunities for relaxation in times of crisis, deviating from the sterile and cold design of modern hospitals

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