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SWIFT Emergency and Urgent Care

SWIFT is our answer to Australia’s need for a progressive healthcare system. Our mission is to provide the best emergency and urgent care in the most comfortable environment possible, with the help of an outstanding team of doctors, nurses and staff and the highest quality equipment available in the medical industry. In an emergency, think swiftly.


Access to our specialist emergency clinic will require a $269 facility fee plus additional Medicare charges that are reimbursed to patients with Medicare*.

Emergency Cases

We can handle minor injuries to more severe non-life-threatening illnesses

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Open 365 Days

Paving the way for a new era in Australian healthcare

SWIFT Emergency & Urgent Care aims to ease the stress and anxiety of patients and their families in urgent care situations by creating a calm and soothing environment that includes comfortable seating and play areas for children. We offer opportunities for relaxation in times of crisis, a stark difference to the often sterile and cold designs seen in modern hospitals. 

Sports Injury

Sporting-related injuries such as ankle, wrist, knee or back incidents are managed efficiently and effectively by our trained Emergency Physicians, facilitating a swift recovery.

Fracture Clinic

Any fractures presented to the unit can be followed up with specialist Orthopaedic surgeons within 24 hours.


When the community’s future leaders fall sick or are befallen with an injury, SWIFT’s highly experienced in-house paediatricians allow for quick treatment and recovery.

Infusion Clinic

Iron infusions that previously elicited several hours of waiting time in emergency departments nationwide can now be attended to in under an hour because of our specialised infusion clinic.

Interventional radiology

Any back, shoulder or joint-related pain can be tended to quickly and easily thanks to an incorporated radiology clinic with seasoned radiologists available at a moment’s notice.


Highly trained physiotherapists allow fast and successful recovery post procedures at SWIFT, meaning a quick return to daily life and activity.

Emergency & Urgent Care redefined

SWIFT Emergency and Urgent Care is run by Emergency Physicians who are thoroughly experienced and trained in acute care. We are pioneers in the field of non-life-threatening emergencies, providing a better option for those who cannot be attended to immediately by Emergency Departments. We aim to ensure these patients receive the treatment they need to prevent their ailment from escalating further.

SWIFT bridges the gap between Emergency Departments and GP centres, providing a walk-in experience within operating hours. We aim to reduce the wait times so often seen in Emergency Departments and ambulance ramping, an issue plaguing the Australian healthcare system.

Paving the way for a new era in Australian healthcare

Specialist Doctors

Our Emergency Physicians are trained in Acute Care Medicine, collaborating with doctors specialising in Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Cardiology, Radiology, Respiratory Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Physiotherapists to deliver you the best healthcare on time every time and let you live a healthy life.

Purpose-built Emergency Care For You

Our doctors and nurses specialise in Emergency Medicine and are equipped to handle acute cases as well as minor injuries and illnesses that are non-life threatening

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to set the gold standard of Urgent Care service in the country, aiming to deliver the most efficient healthcare with the utmost attention to details that have the ability to transform the situation in stressful times. We also aim to reduce wait times and provide a tailored option to those in non-life-threatening emergencies and create a streamlined experience, erasing the needless barrier between comfort and care.

We envision the expansion of SWIFT as a nationwide service in order to bring the Urgent Care model to a wide variety of demographics and areas across Australia. The expansion of SWIFT will provide great benefit as a cooperative with the traditional healthcare system and pave the way for a new era in Australia’s healthcare industry.


Dr Vijay Manivel

Co-Founder and Director 

Dr Gopinath Betarayappa 

Co-Founder and Director

Dr Stephen Madden

Senior Emergency Doctor

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